Risk Advisory Service in Racing

We provide on track insurance arrangements and speciality risk management services for race businesses globally, with risk and UW advisors delivering optimal risk management programs and insurance strategies, tailored to the speed and flexibility demands of the racing business to meet client needs.

Various Risks in Racing


Design and Material Defects

Vehicle Damage, Delivery Delays, Sudden Change Requests from Stakeholders


Vehicle Maintenance Defects

Physical Injury and Property Damage to Third Parties, Environmental Iiability


Accidents During Transportation

The liability insurance arranged by the team's transportation company may not provide sufficient compensation.


Sponsor Bankruptcy

The sponsor fees contracted by the team may become unobtainable due to bankruptcy.


Vehicle Crash

A significant cost is incurred during crashes involving Class 1 cars, GT3 cars, JAFGT cars, and the like.

Tokai Race Management Risk Consulting
 We do not consider insurance as the only method for risk response.
 Insurance is a financial transfer of risk, just one of the risk management methods. To propose appropriate risk management methods, we analyze the risks conceivable from the client's needs.

Proposing Appropriate Risk Management Solutions

Supporting Teams, Tokai Race Management


Special risk solutions

 We excel in proposing insurance solutions for the special and complex risks arising in racing.
 Our offerings enable risk management on par with advanced Western teams/companies. We also ensure underwriting for new risks.

Incorporating analytical techniques and considering the client's business environment and needs, we propose appropriate risk management solutions using a variety of methods.

Race Team Operations & Management Service

Providing vehicle purchase support tailored to the race objectives and desired entries, and conducting race team operations and management for participation in both domestic and international events.

Strengths of Tokai Race Management

Professionals in Operations & Management Supporting vehicle purchases suited for the objectives and desired race entries.

Experienced professionals provide support for participation in international events.

garages, reducing total costs and effectively utilizing assets in conducting race team operations and management business for domestic race events. Not only for domestic events, but with rich insights, language skills, and relationships with client companies, we support various categories of events internationally. This includes races, classic car rallies, both on and off circuit events, and touring support.

Promotion Services

With our dedicated designers, we create high-quality racing suits, team wear, giveaways, and various merchandise including apparel, novelties, and other goods.


Our dedicated designers listen to customer requests for designs, enabling us to provide products of higher completion and satisfaction compared to other providers.