We provide risk advisory and management services, aiding client success in the dynamic motorsport business by enhancing resilience and recovery.
 Our services enable clients to see risks and changes as opportunities, helping achieve ambitious targets and ensuring a more certain future.

Representative Message

 We prioritize client needs by placing them at the center of all we do, building strategies to minimize risks and maximize opportunities in changing times, enhancing their potential.

 Helping clients turn risks and changes into opportunities is our mission and our advantage as advisors.

山脇 陽子

Major Clients

About Us

  • Company Name Tokai Race Management LLC
  • Representative Yoko Yamawaki
  • Established March 4, 2020
  • Head Office 〒104-0054
    3-3-13 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo




2020.9 Overall Winner of Fuji 24 hour Endurance Race
#888 Mercedes-AMG Team HIRIX*
2021.1 Super Taikyu 2020 STX Class Series Champion
#888 Mercedes-AMG Team HIRIX*
スーパー耐久2020 STXクラスシリーズチャンピオン獲得
2021.4 Champion Super Taikyu Sugo and Mobility Resort Motegi
#888 Grid Motorsport*
2022.11 Super Endurance 2022 STX Class Points Leader
#888 Grid Motorsport*
スーパー耐久2022 STXクラス クラスポイントリーダー

Undertaking Management Services